Important Facts

Industrial-sized wind turbine farms turn a rural setting into an industrial complex.

As a large 10 to 20 turbine, 50 megawatt, industrial wind farm is proposed for the Jeddore Peninsula you should know the facts of living with and near such a development.

Size Of Proposed Wind Turbines

type: Vestas V112. Power output: 3 megawatts per turbine

overall height: 138.6M to 173.6M (455 ft to 569 ft)

Tufts Cove Power Station chimneys: 152.4M (500 ft)

height of existing meteorological tower in West Jeddore: 80M (262 ft)

height of existing wind turbine at Porter's Lake Superstore: 47.5M (155 ft)

noise level at hub of turbine: 100 to 106.5 decibels (= rock band)

Health Concerns: Noise Pollution and Shadow Flicker

Noise produced by wind turbines can have a significant negative impact on health.

See: National Wind Watch documentation

Among the dangers are increased risk of hypertension, heart attacks, headache, fatigue,

transient sensations of intoxication, nausea, palpitations, sleep disorders, hearing loss,

and high levels of stress.

See: Industrial Wind Action Group documentation

See: Acoustic Ecology Institute's Fact Sheet on Wind Turbine Noise

That such stress may be responsible for various diseases is well known. The negative

effects of Health issues arising from this type of sound pollution are enhanced by the

repetitive and unpredictable nature of the noise.

Because of these dangers, Ontario Law requires a wind farm of this type and size to be

set back 1.5 kilometres from houses.

See: Ontario Government backgrounder on wind turbines

The French Académie Nationale de Médecine (equivalent of Canada's Medical Research Council)

recommends turbines over 2.5MW be situated no closer than 1.5 km from the nearest human


See the Académie Nationale de Médecine's full report ( in French only)

See a brief outline in English of the Académie's recommendation.

The German wind farm consultant Retexo, recommends a minimum setback of 2 km.

Current HRM regulations offer no specific noise protection against wind turbines, and

a proposed HRM bylaw offers only a 550-metre setback. 

In 2006, an Environmental Noise Assessment of the Pubnico Point Wind Farm, found that

in light winds and fog, when background sound would be expected to be low, the sound

levels exceeded the safety standards established for human health and well-being.

see: Brian Howe & Nick McCabe. Environmental Noise Assessment , Pubnico Point Wind Farm

see: Sound Level Measurement and Accoustical Recommendations Report prepared for Mr. Daniel D'Entremont, Lower West Pubnico. by Gordon Whitehead, Audiologist



Shadow flicker, the flickering of the rising or setting sun through the turbines' spinning

blades can affect people prone to seizures and migraines.

See information on shadow flicker from the Society for Wind Vigilance


Catastrophic failure could see a turbine disintegrate leaving a debris field up to1.5 km wide

HRM fire departments are not trained or equipped to handle towers of this size.

See: Caithness Windfarm Information forum: Accident Statistics

See: Letter from Gordon Whitehead, Audiologist, to the Town of Union, Wisconsin

(Note  comments on inadeqaute setbacks  and associated hazards)


The bog in the centre of the proposed project “footprint” is an eco-system supporting a

varying array of life. This area could be placed at risk by construction and operation of

wind turbines.

Water table and quality in the area could be affected by blasting during construction and

vibrations during the operation of wind turbines. Underground water routes may be


 Industrial wind turbines kill birds and other flying creatures.

Nesting areas for birds could be destroyed (eg. Osprey, our provincial bird).

Williams lake is a watering site for many ocean birds that nest on offshore islands.

Migratory patterns of Canada Geese and other birds could be interrupted. Migratory routes

of birdlife (eg. to Martinique Wildlife Sanctuary) could be changed.

Flora (ie. white water lilies and bakeapples) that are disappearing from the Eastern Shore,

and can only be found in the Jeddore peninsula could disappear from the area.

Property Values and Resale

Results of studies by real estate brokers and appraisers indicate:

Property values drop 29% - 49% if located on property:

17% - 35% if within 650 M

15% - 34% if within 3 km

The number of days on the market double when property near a wind turbine farm..

In East Jeddore and Pleasant Point views would be dominated by wind turbines negatively

affecting property values.

See video with example of property value problems from an Ontario realtor

See report from a real estate appraiser in  Illinois


Those living close to West Jeddore Rd and Ostrea Lake Rd would have significant

increase in truck traffic, noise and traffic interruption during construction.

Ostrea Lake Rd and West Jeddore Road will require constant repair due to heavy traffic.

Access roads to turbine sites and transmission rights of way for a 138,000-volt power line

and service road across properties from the wind farm to the junction of Route 7 and 107

Large tracts of land are required for turbine construction, sub station siting and work


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